Transforming VET Education for Sustainable Development

The GreenVETers project the final phase… 

As the world faces ever-increasing environmental challenges and the call for sustainable development becomes more urgent than ever, one project stands at the cusp of a transformative milestone. The GreenVETers project is in its final phase, and it promises to revolutionize Vocational Education and Training (VET) by embedding ‘citizen deliberation’ and ‘deliberative democracy’ into the official curricula. This initiative not only aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but is also poised to shape the future of education and empower students to actively engage in building a sustainable world. 

The Journey So Far… 

  1. A Vision for Change 

GreenVETers embarked on this journey with the vision of equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to address pressing sustainability challenges. Recognizing that traditional education was insufficient for the complex issues of our time, this project sought to empower the next generation to be catalysts for positive change. 

2. Overcoming Challenges 

The path was not without its challenges. Adapting VET curricula to incorporate ‘citizen deliberation’ and ‘deliberative democracy’ required significant effort and collaboration. Curriculum adjustments, teacher training, and securing financial support all presented hurdles that the project had to overcome. 

3. Achieving Milestones 

Through perseverance and determination, GreenVETers has made significant progress over the years. It has successfully integrated these transformative principles into VET education and has seen students actively engaging in deliberative discussions, critical thinking, and community projects focused on sustainability. 

4. The Final Phase 

Now, as the GreenVETers project enters its final phase, the finish line is in sight, and the potential for impact is greater than ever. As we have seen we have accomplished… 

  •  Student Empowerment 

In the closing stages of the project, students are taking the lead. They are driving sustainability initiatives within their communities, advocating for policy changes, and implementing real-world solutions. GreenVETers has ignited a passion for sustainability and citizenship that will last a lifetime. 

  •  Teachers as Facilitators 

Teachers who have undergone specialized training are now acting as facilitators, guiding students through deliberative processes and helping them explore diverse perspectives. These educators are essential in maintaining the sustainability of the project beyond its completion. 

  •  Impact on Communities 

As the project nears its culmination, the ripple effect on communities is becoming increasingly apparent. Sustainable practices are taking root, and local decision-making processes are becoming more inclusive and informed. 

  • Looking Ahead 

GreenVETers is not just a project we hope; it will be a movement that envisions a future where education is a powerful force for positive change. By embedding ‘citizen deliberation’ and ‘deliberative democracy’ into VET curricula, the project prepares students to be responsible global citizens who actively contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world. 

As we eagerly anticipate the project’s completion, we recognize that the true legacy of GreenVETers lies in the transformed mindset and actions of students and the lasting impact on the communities they touch. The world is inching closer to a brighter, more sustainable future, thanks to the pioneering work of GreenVETers. 


GreenVETers in its final phase is a testament to the power of visionary projects and the collective effort to reshape education for the better. As we near the end of this journey, we celebrate the dedication of all those involved and look forward to a future where sustainable development and informed, active citizenship are the norm. With GreenVETers leading the way, the future is promising, and the world is better equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

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