The GreenVETers Multiplier event in Greece!

Web2Learn successfully organised the GreenVETers multiplier event in Thessaloniki, Greece, on December 14, in collaboration with the Library of the University of Macedonia! 

The event was title “Forging synergies for climate action and advocacy: The role of educational institutions in tackling climate change” and aimed at enriching the dialogue among the three educational strands, namely schools, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and vocational education and training (VET), on the topic of climate advocacy and activism that is fostered by educational institutions. 

The event included the participation of nine speakers who are actively involved in citizen science actions and projects for climate action and climate awareness. In particular, the panel was composed of: 

Speakers’ slides have been gathered and are accessible to the public by clicking here. 

The multiplier event also included a SWOT analysis group activity, where the participants, divided in groups, were asked to write down strengths/weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats educational institutions face in promoting participatory climate actions and advocacy.