Learning Objectives:

  1. Students learn the relationship between Citizen Deliberation and the UN’s SDGs (especially Goal 16)
  2. Students learn about the EU’s methods to promote citizen deliberation in decisionmaking regarding the Green Deal (e.g. Peer parliament, Climate Ambassadors)

A thriving society must promote peaceful communities, ensure justice for all and create effective and inclusive institutions at all levels. Goal 16 includes a wide range of activities, such as ensuring freedom of expression, access to justice, respect for human rights, reduction of inequalities, and elimination of social exclusion. Each society must have strong and efficient institutions ensuring the rights of its citizens are ensured.

The EU Youth Strategy is the framework for EU youth policy cooperation for 2019-2027. It fosters youth participation in democratic life; it also supports social and civic engagement and aims to ensure that all young people have the necessary resources to take part in society.

While working toward coordinated implementation across sectors, the EU Youth Strategy concentrates on three key areas of action centred around the three words: Engage, Connect, and Empower. 11 European Youth Goals were created through a 2017–2018 dialogue process that included young people from all over Europe. These objectives highlight issues in cross-sectoral areas that have an impact on young people’s lives. The 11 European Youth goals that were envisioned by the European Union’s youth can be realized in part thanks to the EU Youth Strategy

These goals reflect the views of European youth and represent the vision of those active in the EU Youth Dialogue:

  • Connecting EU with Youth
  • Equality of All Genders
  • Inclusive Societies
  • Information & Constructive Dialogue
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Moving Rural Youth Forward
  • Quality Employment for All
  • Quality Learning
  • Space and Participation for All
  • Sustainable Green Europe
  • Youth Organizations & European Programs

One of the youth goals is focused on Sustainable Green Europe. How can we achieve this goal?

EU has adopted various initiatives to help young people to have an active role in certain issues they might be concerned of