Harvesting natural resources

Harvesting crops is a crucial part of agriculture and can be done by various methods.

  • Hand Harvesting: The most basic way is hand harvesting, which involves picking crops by hand without the use of any tools. This method is typically used for delicate crops such as vanilla beans or saffron.
  • Harvesting Tools: Another method is harvesting with hand tools, which involves the use of tools like shears to cut produce like fruits from trees. After picking, the product is placed in a container before being taken from the field.
  • Machinery: For larger operations, farmers may use machinery to speed up the harvesting and packing process. Combines and mowers are commonly used in the field to harvest crops efficiently.

Technology plays a critical role in modern agriculture, and smart farming combines traditional agricultural principles with the latest advancements in technology. A sustainable farming system should prioritize certain fundamental values such as;

  • Long-term agricultural production, by improving crop rotation, soil management, and conserving soil quality and water availability.
  • The saving of natural capital, by preserving, recycling, replacing, and maintaining the natural resource base, including soil, water, and biodiversity.

Modern agriculture focuses on maximizing farming efficiency to produce high-quality food while prioritizing human needs. This differs from traditional farming systems, which prioritize farmers’ food requirements and may not be suitable for meeting the needs of a growing population.