Deliberation Topic: Use of sensors for precision agriculture

Discussion prompts:

Precision Agriculture (PA) uses different types of sensors to retrieve data about soil, crops and weather conditions in order to optimise productivity and sustainability by reducing costs, creating a positive environmental impact and producing high-quality
goods. However, the long-term sustainability of sensors is an issue that still needs to be researched since environmental conditions and exposure to chemicals might reduce their functionality. You may use the references listed below to create a more educated discussion.

Issue Stances:

  • Frequent troubleshooting of sensors
  • Combination of satellite imaging for data comparison
  • Other

Sources that can be used:

  • European Parliament (2017). Precision agriculture in Europe: Legal and ethical
    reflections for law-makers.
  • Kim, M. Y., & Lee, K. H. (2022). Electrochemical Sensors for Sustainable Precision Agriculture—A Review. Frontiers in Chemistry, 10.
  • Mukhamediev, R. I., Yakunin, K., Aubakirov, M., Assanov, I., Kuchin, Y., Symagulov, A.,… & Amirgaliyev, Y. (2023). Coverage path planning optimization of heterogeneous UAVs group for precision agriculture. IEEE Access.