The GreenVETers project is starting the pilot phase GreenVETers pilots with (VET) teachers and students ahead…

In today’s rapidly changing world, addressing environmental challenges has become more crucial than ever. To ensure a sustainable future, education plays a vital role in shaping the mindset and actions of future generations. One of the Erasmus+ project GreenVETers aims is to equip vocational education and training (VET) teachers with the necessary tools to effectively teach environmental education as well as pilot this with the(ir) students. As part of this initiative, an Online Teaching Course (OTC) has been developed, which is currently undergoing pilot testing with teachers and will soon be implemented with students.

Empowering VET Teachers

The GreenVETers project recognizes the importance of VET teachers in fostering environmental awareness and action among students. By providing teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources, the project aims to empower them to integrate environmental education into their curriculum effectively. The OTC (Online Training Course) serves as a valuable resource to support VET teachers in delivering engaging and impactful lessons on environmental topics.

The Online Teaching Course (OTC)

The OTC developed by the GreenVETers project offers VET teachers a comprehensive and accessible platform to enhance their expertise in environmental education. The course covers various aspects, including environmental issues, sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, and green technologies. It also focuses on pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, and the use of digital tools to facilitate interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

Pilot Testing with VET Teachers

The current phase of the GreenVETers project involves piloting the OTC with VET teachers. The pilot testing aims to gather valuable feedback and insights from the teachers, ensuring that the course meets their needs and expectations. The participating teachers have the opportunity to explore the course modules, engage in interactive discussions, and utilize the available resources to enhance their environmental education skills. Their feedback will contribute to refining the course content and delivery before its implementation with students.

Testing with VET Students

Following the successful completion of the pilot phase, the GreenVETers project will transition to testing the OTC with VET students. By involving students in the process, the project aims to ensure that the course meets their learning preferences and effectively engages them in environmental education. The students will have the chance to interact with the course materials, participate in discussions, and apply their knowledge through practical exercises and projects. This hands-on experience will enable them to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Benefits and Impact

The GreenVETers project and the development of the OTC offer numerous benefits and potential impacts. Firstly, by equipping VET teachers with the necessary skills and resources, the project enhances the quality of environmental education in VET schools. This, in turn, cultivates a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who can contribute to sustainable development in their future careers.

Furthermore, the OTC’s online nature ensures its accessibility and flexibility, allowing teachers and students to engage with the course materials at their own pace and convenience. The integration of digital tools and interactive learning methods fosters an engaging and immersive learning experience, promoting active participation and knowledge retention.


The GreenVETers project’s development of the Online Teaching Course (OTC) in the field of environmental education represents a significant step towards fostering environmental awareness and action among VET teachers and students. By equipping teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills, and engaging students through innovative teaching methods, the project strives to create a more sustainable future. As the pilot testing progresses and the course is implemented with students, the GreenVETers project sets a commendable example for environmental education initiatives worldwide.


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The GreenVETers project is starting the pilot phase